After a nearly one-year break from blogging, I have decided to revive The Moral Perspective. Why, you might ask? Well, I wrote in my last post here:

I created this blog … with three goals in mind. First, I wanted to track the progress of my own thinking on ethics, politics, and religion. Second, I wanted to help others to think more often and clearly, and be more informed regarding these issues. Third, I wanted to make sure I was writing on a consistent basis. I am of the mindset that you ought to devote at least two hours each day to writing; that’s how you stay a decent writer, and become a better one.

These reasons are precisely why I am returning. I have missed writing creatively on matters of deep interest for at least one or two hours everyday (that’s how long it typically takes me to pen a post ). Even if this project distracts me from some work, there are undoubtedly benefits to keeping a habit of writing outside the boundaries of my professional duties — and, I’d add, plenty of time in the day to both blog and complete those professional duties. One of these benefits is having the ability to track, review, and streamline my thoughts on ethics, politics,  religion, and secularism. I have attempted to do this in a variety of ways outside of blogging, but none have provided the same flexibility, nor the slight but important demand for some regularity.

I’ve also missed connecting with other people who are interested in philosophy, science, and other subjects I cover on this blog. In my two years blogging, I connected with countless people of different backgrounds who contributed valuable input and helped to shape my views.  While I have become more active on other social media sites (read: Twitter) in the past year, they each have limitations (i.e., Twitter’s 140-character post limit) that do not allow the kind of interaction I seek.

So, here I am.

As you can see, I’ve switched platforms, from Tumblr to WordPress, and made some changes to the appearance of the website. I welcome any and all suggestions on how to improve the design. I also welcome hearing from any artist/s out there who might be interested in helping to design a banner/logo.

I’ve also added a new section: “Contribute.” As someone with many years of experience as an editor, who is also interested in hearing various perspectives on important issues, I would like to start running guest posts. Please see the section and let know if you are interested.

Lastly, I’m hoping this go-round will be even more personal, insightful, and productive than the previous two-year run. But I suppose time, and my readers, will be the judge of that.

Thanks for stopping in, and I hope to see you on the blog soon!