For nearly two years, I have been updating The Moral Perspective every weekday with articles, news, and essays on issues relating to ethics, politics, and religion.

I created this blog and conducted this work with three goals in mind. First, I wanted to track the progress of my own thinking on ethics, politics, and religion. Second, I wanted to help others to think more often and clearly, and be more informed regarding these issues. Third, I wanted to make sure I was writing on a consistent basis. I am of the mindset that you ought to devote at least two hours each day to writing; that’s how you stay a decent writer, and become a better one.

In the past year, several things have changed. Most significantly, I have (happily) added several new job responsibilities, which require me to write, travel, and speak at public engagements more than I previously did. Unfortunately, this — combined with trying to operate this blog as I have — has cut into the amount of time I spent reading. This is not something I have been comfortable with. 

I have also slowly but surely developed a stronger interest in pursuing a longer-term project: writing a book on secularism and morality.

Therefore, in order to maintain my own happiness, The Moral Perspective is going to change. No longer will I update this blog every day. I might not even update it every week. In fact, for the near future I am most likely going to take a break from blogging here completely.

That doesn’t mean I’m killing this blog for good. It just means a change from the past. I’ll write when I want to write; I’ll post when I want to post. After some time off, I might even change my mind and come back and change the nature of this blog. Perhaps I’ll use it to launch my book. Who knows. But, for now, this change is necessary. 

I would like to give my most sincere thanks to everyone who has read this blog. I hope to see you again soon. 

Ethically yours,

Michael De Dora