Can we “radically simplify our lives and improve society by merely telling the truth in situations where others often lie”? Author Sam Harris seems to think so — he defended that proposal in his recent 48-page e-book, Lying.

But while Lying has been on sale for months at a cost of $1.99, Harris is now offering it for free. Why, you ask?

Because of Jonah Lehrer, the now-disgraced journalist who was caught fabricating quotes:

I consistently meet smart, well-intentioned, and otherwise ethical people who do not seem to realize how quickly and needlessly lying can destroy their relationships and reputations. This is why I wrote a short ebook on the subject. Since it contains more or less everything I want to say in response to the Lehrer debacle, I’m offering the full text of LYING as a free download for the rest of the week.

Better get reading.