As I wrote yesterday, Leah Libresco is making waves on the secular and religious blogospheres this week after announcing she is converting from atheism to Catholicism because she believes the Catholic moral framework provides better grounding.

While this has upset many atheists, some atheists have used it as an opportunity to reflect upon their own community:

But I’ve generally found the reaction to be both predictable and disappointing, and I think it shows a serious lack of empathy and intellectual curiosity in many atheists. The most common reaction I’ve seen is just blatant incredulity, which I think not only reflects an inability to understand why anyone would convert to Catholicism, but why anyone would be a Catholic to begin with. I see the “there is no evidence for religion, all believers are brainwashed” narrative almost accepted as the default atheist position (pandered by American Atheist President Dave Silverman at just about every opportunity), but it seems so clearly absurd to me.

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