Nearly two years ago, the website Patheos brought together a variety of religious and secular thinkers for a series of essays called the “Future of Religion,” in which each author shared his or her thoughts on the future of their respective traditions.

I was fortunate enough to have been chosen to participate, alongside colleagues such as Ron Lindsay. Now Patheos has published all of these essays in one e-book, “Future of Religion: Traditions in Transition.” Which means I’m published!

Take a look:

For centuries, Western thinkers assumed that religion would decline throughout the world as scientific ideas spread and replace “superstition” with modern, rational, secular ways of life. In recent decades, however, that assumption has faded. Across the globe, religion remains an influential force, one that impacts how we view ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

As new forms of worship and belief continue to evolve in the twenty-first century, Patheos invited thought leaders from a variety of religious traditions to talk about the future of religion. What trends will influence how people across the spectrum of faiths worship and practice? What are the challenges and opportunities that will confront faith leaders? What are the controversial issues? Will cooperation or conflict between religions be dominant in the years ahead? What reform movements will shape the future of belief?

You can purchase your copy here.

Or, if you don’t want to spend the $2.99, you can view the Future of Religion series on the Patheos website here, or just my article here (it was also republished on The Washington Post’s website).