What drives your moral thinking? Surely you’ve thought this over, and perhaps even wrote or spoken about in some way. But now Robert Aunger has come up with an extensive survey that he claims accurately measures what makes you moral.

Here’s a description of his so-called “science experiment”:

In Test Your Morality, you will be asked to respond to a variety of scenarios in which people are doing things that you may or may not agree with. You will be asked about how disgusted and angry the scenarios make you feel, and whether you want to avoid or punish the people in them.

You will learn how your moral responses to the scenarios compare to a wider population of people. And at the end of the experiment you will receive detailed, personalised feedback about your scores.

You’ll find out lots about your personal moral traits, including which is the most prominent. You will also find out how your morality relates to the ‘human superorganism’, which is depicted in your feedback as your personal ‘City of Morals’.

We hope that by getting a large number of people from around the world to take part in this experiment, we can gain greater insight into the nature of human moral feelings and judgments, and how much they vary globally.

Ultimately, we hope the findings from Test Your Morality will lead to an improved understanding of how morality works and could help us to organise our societies in more fruitful ways in future.

You can start the survey, which takes about 25 minutes, by clicking here.