Yesterday I posted video of a recent panel discussion sponsored by the Center for Inquiry in New York City (full disclosure: my place of employment) on science and free will. This is not a subject near to my intellectual pursuits, but nonetheless, it has been on the forefront of recent philosophical thought. As such, here are a couple articles you might find interesting:

  • Gary Gutting, writing on the New York Times philosophy blog The Stone, asks “what makes free will free?”
  • Eddy Nahmias, also writing on The Stone, posits that neuroscientists proclaiming the end of free will are using a flawed notion of the concept.
  • Matthew Taylor, in a new series on BBC Radio 4, argues that advances in brain science force us to understand more and condemn less.
  • Scientific American’s Gareth Cook interviews neuroscientist Michael Gazziniga on his new book, “Who’s in Charge: Free Will and the Science of the Brain.”
  • Ronald Bailey of the libertarian outlet Reason gives Gazziniga’s book a positive review.