From a letter to the editor in The Columbian titled “Morality should not be legislated”:

The country should be outraged. With children starving, millions jobless, millions homeless and those who have lost their homes to greed and everything they gave their lives to, the Republicans are only interested in waging their morality war against women and same-sex couples with all of their restrictions of funding Planned Parenthoods and issuing anti-abortion and anti-same-sex-marriage bills, which are religion’s top-priority targets, as extreme as it is.

The author never actually defends the argument that morality should not be legislated, though he might not have been trying to make it in the first place. Keep in mind that newspaper editors put their own headlines on letters to the editor.

But back to the topic. Americans should be outraged, the author writes, because Republicans are pushing faith-based legislation on moral issues like abortion and marriage equality while there are more serious moral concerns we ought to be focused on, such as starving children and homelessness. Yet this would mean that the problem is not morality being legislated — that is, unless the author is somehow lacking his own moral worldview, which I doubt given his appeal to starving children and homelessness. The problem, rather, is bad or misguided morality being legislated.

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