I will be participating in a radio interview and panel discussion on secularism and secular ethics this Saturday afternoon and evening, respectively. Here’s more information for those interested in tuning in or attending.

This Saturday in Manhattan, four humanists will meet on a panel at the New York Society for Ethical Culture to discuss the question many American religionists ask of non-believers: how can you be good (moral) without believing in God? This event will take place in the evening. Earlier the same day, on Equal Time for Freethought two of the four panelists – Michael De Dora of the Center for Inquiry and Anne Klaeysen of the Ethical Culture Society – will discuss with us some of what they will share at the panel event.

The radio program will start at 3 p.m. You can listen on the web or on the radio at 99.5 FM.

As for the panel discussion, click here for more information.