Take a look at this letter to the editor in the Irish newspaper The Independent:

I refer to Nick Folley, who states, “we need a higher moral compass, namely God”, (Letters, April 25). I would ask Mr Folley which ‘god’ we should look to for guidance, as there are thousands to choose from?

I would further ask Mr Folley how he can reconcile asking his god for moral decisions when his god, probably the Christian one, is himself guilty of many questionable actions and decrees. Should I follow the teachings of a god that considers homosexuality punishable by death? Or how I, an atheist, am doomed to eternal torture and suffering because I have the strength of will to question not only God’s existence, but also his right to tell me what to do and how to act?

No, I would rather live by laws and my own moral code.

Jay Penn

For reference, here is Nick Folley’s letter.